Medical Exercise : 7 Players escapes death in NLO – Ogunnowo


What would have resulted in sudden deaths of seven players in the Nationwide League One this season had been averted in the on –going medical exercise of players and officials of clubs in the league, being supervised by Dr. Adebola Olajide, a member of FIFA Medical Network.

This was revealed by the scribe of the league body , Shola Ogunnowo while speaking to the sporting press in Abuja on Monday , as he noted that the results coming from the medical exercise conducted by the medical professionals have indicated that the exercise was not in futility and currently seven players from different clubs in the Division one failed the medical tests conducted and have been asked not to continue playing the round leather game in order to avoid untimely death due to the poor condition of their hearts and other vital organs.

“We have received some medical reports from our medical team across the federation regarding the state of the health of players and officials and the first set of medical reports did not indicate good news for seven players in some clubs in the division one of the Nationwide League One. A player from Musty FC of Kwara failed, another two players from Lubcom FC also of Kwara failed , then a player from Kwara United Feeders FC did not meet up with the required medical standard for a game of football” Shola Ogunnowo said.

He added further that : the medical reports also nailed two players from FC Abuja and a player from Top World FC of Ekiti State”

According to the Scribe of the NLO, the medical exercise has revealed that some players are walking corpses on the field. Some of the players are having irregular pulse beat, very high …Read More

Source:: Nigeria Football News