Who Is At The Top Of The Nigerian Professional League Super Six?


Who Is At The Top Of The Nigerian Professional League Super Six?

Nigerian football is extremely popular across the country with many football fans tuning in to watch their favourite teams beat other local teams. The Super Six includes some of the top teams in the country and these teams have put in a good performance this season.

Here, we are going to look at who is at the top of the Nigerian Professional League Super Six table and how they managed to get there. Keep reading to find out more.


At the top of the league table, you’ll find Enyimba who managed to come out on top with 9 points. This team won three matches and only lost one. Sports betting in Nigeria is very popular, and many sites offered good odds for this team to win. As they played more matches and scored 7 goals in total, they proved the bookies right and finished at the top.


Kano Pillars

Not far behind Enyimba are the Kano Pillars who managed to earn 8 points on the table. This team won two of their matches and drew the other two showing that they have a lot of skills on the pitch. They also managed to score 7 goals but the extra win from Enyimba put them in second position.

Akwa United

In third place were Akwa United who finished up with 6 points and only one win across the table. This team didn’t manage to lose any games with three draws also under their belts. Their final goal difference totalled out at +1 which helped them to finish in third place in the Super Six.

Enugu Rangers

Another team to only win one match were the Enugu Rangers who also lost a game and drew two. This team finished up with 5 points overall and a total goal difference of 0. This team didn’t perform as well as they should have but they did manage to come in fourth position which isn’t too bad out of 6.

Lobi Stars

If you keep up with Nigerian football then you should know that the Lobi Stars won a game, lost two and drew one game this season. This team did manage to score 5 goals throughout their four matches but couldn’t beat the rest of the teams to move up the board.

Ifeanyi Ubah FC

Right at the bottom of the league table were Ifeanyi Ubah FC who didn’t manage to win any matches or draw any leaving them with no points on the board. This is a very disappointing result for those who were on this squad.

Final Verdict The Super Six in Nigeria are known across the country for putting on an impressive performance. We are excited to see what next season has for these teams despite some poor performances from some of these teams. Make sure to keep an eye on this league as the new season begins to see what happens. Nigerian football is not to be underestimated!