Termites, Thamud and our multi-billionaires’ mansions | The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper


“The parable of those who take protectors other than the Almighty is like that of a spider who builds for itself a dwelling, and surely the weakest of all dwellings is the dwelling of a spider, if they but knew it”.[Q29:41]

It is a mansion. Everything about it gives a sense of a splendor; of the presence of everything money could buy. From a distance, the passer-by could count chalets of different architectural designs. The roofing sheets, though now jaded and worn out, were definitely the ones only the millionaire of yesterday could buy. Brethren, this is a mansion built by one of the powerful men of yesterday in this region. But alas! It is now desolate and prostrate. It is now deserted and rejected. On your way from that other city and back, you could see its new “landlords” and “occupiers”: termites, rodents, maggots and other crawlers. The big mansion of yesterday is now a hut of today; it is loathed even by the sons and daughters of the big man of…

Source: Guardian Newspaper