Rescuing the family from rising incest menace | The Guardian Nigeria News


Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi

Timid and slender, the pain in her eyes is intense, betraying the agony within. Her countenance is not welcoming. Even a child can tell from afar that something is wrong with the teenager. Her continuous loud sighs, coming every other two minutes seem poignant like someone who is bereaved of a loved one, a breadwinner. Ajoke, surname withheld, is not. She is rather a victim of incest.She lost her innocence at the young age of seven and has since then lived with the horror of a seared heart; horror so strong as to deaden her sense of humanity and hope.

Judith Lewis Herman, American psychiatrist and author, whose work has focused on the understanding and treatment of incest and traumatic stress, describes Ajoke’s situation eloquently: “The horror of incest is not in the sexual act, but in the exploitation of children and the corruption of parental love.”

At age seven when Ajoke’s father started having canal knowledge of her, it was the dawn of another…

Source: Guardian Newspaper