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Lanre Olusola

While growing up, Chioma always wanted to be a Lawyer. She was drawn to the way they dressed, and the prestige that came with being a “Learned fellow”. Fortunately, Chioma got admitted to study Law and sooner than later, she was called to the Nigerian Bar and the future looked really bright.

Shortly after her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Chioma got a job at one of the leading Law firms in Nigeria. She worked at the Law firm for over four (4) years and things were going pretty well. But after a while, she started having second thoughts and this put her in a state of confusion; she had the job of her dreams, she was making money, and she was doing well at her age. But she still felt very dissatisfied and unfulfilled. She wanted more. Her life was a routine, and she was tired. There was no inner peace that came with what she was doing as a Lawyer. This internal struggle kept going on for months, until Chioma decided to take a little break from her work place…

Source: Guardian Newspaper