Where does the weight gain arise from in pregnancy? | The Guardian Nigeria News



First, the ‘two red lines’ announcing conception. Then the unwanted feelings of nausea and morning sickness in a good number of pregnant women. Soon the waistline gets snug on most of your favourite dresses and finally, you don’t just need a new set of clothing, but also shoes, and possibly a temporary wedding band, no thanks to the all-round increase pregnancy brings.

So, where does the extra weight come from in pregnancy, and is there a way to manage it?
First, the pregnant months are the time in which weight gain is expected in a woman. Beyond welcome, anything contrary to that, especially weight loss, is a major source of concern, as should be. A pregnant woman is bearing not just her normal body weight, but also the increased weight pregnancy brings to her body, and then another human who sometimes grows to as much as 4kg and above.

As a result, there must be physical expression to all the increase. So, on a general note, what body parts and organs…

Source: Guardian Newspaper