Biden to call for unity, knock Trump in 2020 launch | The Guardian Nigeria News


Former U.S. Vice president Joe Biden. PHOTO: Win McNamee/Getty Images/AFP

Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden kicks off his 2020 presidential bid Saturday with a call for fairness and equality in America, urging voters to heal deep divisions and reject Donald Trump’s “hard heart.”

“Some say Democrats don’t want to hear about unity. That they are angry — and the angrier you are, the better,” Biden will say at a campaign rally in Philadelphia, according to speech excerpts.

“I don’t believe it,” he will tell the crowd, adding that he is running for president to offer Democrats and Republicans alike a “different path” towards unity.

“If the American people want a president to add to our division, to lead with a clenched fist, closed hand and a hard heart, to demonize the opponents and spew hatred, they don’t need me. They already have a president who does just that.”

Biden, 76, sits atop the pack of 2020 contenders, relishing his prime position.

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Source: Guardian Newspaper