Saving Nigerian lives through human rights | The Guardian Nigeria News


United Hands Photo: Rawpixel/Pixabay

Quite often, I have found myself compelled to defend the fundamentals of human rights to supposedly educated people in Nigeria. The generic ignorance of foundational social concepts, particularly on the rule of law and the sanctity of human rights, is a clear demonstration of the declining quality of our ‘educated’ middle class. On one hand, this deterioration is a reflection of waning humanism in the international community. The ideal of universal humanity is rapidly collapsing under international tribalism and territorial squabbling, disguised as nationalism. As such, if Nigerians want to discard humanism, there is ample global precedent.

On the other hand, the Nigerian masses have rarely had the opportunity to understand or enjoy the dignity of being treated as human and so have no real basis for comparing ideals. Our governments have always obfuscated our entitlement to individual rights. Our history is a dreary narrative of travails:…

Source: Guardian Newspaper