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Sir: Let us take the case of one “Solomun” who is said to be facing the rape storm currently. Solomun is not a member of the Masquerade Team but nevertheless a human being. I commend the committee that did the investigation, even though we are waiting for the end to justify the means. The other time in Ọbafẹmi Awolọwọ University, the female student who went to ask for higher score was not punished but the teacher who asked for sex in return bagged two years.

Hence I said men are becoming endangered species in the hands of women. The other time, it was the younger sister of the accuser who saved the accused from being lynched, saying “I saw my sister putting her own underwear in the man’s bag” and the accuser endured only small beating from the boys who would have set the accused man ablaze.

There seems to be no doubt that Solomun (not Sulyman oh) and the female student really did it, going by the investigations, confession and denial of it. Solomun was…

Source: Guardian Newspaper