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Cancer cell and T cell, illustration. PHOTO:Getty Images

Cancer is not the end of the world, however, when you are diagnosed, there are some lifestyle changes that are important. This is meant to make you better and stronger. Below are some of the things that should change.


Exercise is as important as the medications that you will be given. It is important to keep exercising during and after a cancer diagnosis. Exercising helps to reduce fatigue, loss of strength and adding weight. Try to avoid sitting and lying down for long periods of time.

Eat Well

A healthy balanced diet will help you manage the side effects of your treatment and will also improve your health and help you recover faster. It is advisable to eat vegetables and foods that are high in fibre like beans, peas, and lentils. Also, probiotic foods like raw garlic, raw or cooked onions, beans, and legumes.  Have smaller portions of food and avoid foods that are low in nutrients but high in calories.


Source: Guardian Newspaper