Graduates, undergraduates appraise value of certificates | The Guardian Nigeria News


University education in the past was the most revered among all levels of learning in Nigeria. Despite the daunting challenges confronting the contemporary graduates it still is, but to what extent?

The narratives surrounding unemployment and underemployment among the youth as well as the jaw-dropping statistics, is indeed frightening.

The society having lost its virtue to the contagion of depravity, have also left university graduates at the mercies of fraudulent individuals and organisations, who exploit the diligence and intelligence of these graduates in exchange for a meager sum.

These ills however, have forced many to ponder on the value of university certificates, going by the harsh realities confronting graduates in the country.

Today, the pursuit of knowledge has been outrun by the acquisition of vocational and entrepreneurial skills. Young university graduates and undergraduates have started a train of sole-proprietorship owing to the unavailability of jobs in the…

Source: Guardian Newspaper