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There are many stereotypes that come with being the youngest child in the family although not always necessarily true. Considered the ‘runt of the litter’, the youngest siblings gets away with a lot and are always considered ‘the baby of the family’.

Keep reading for things you can relate to if you are the youngest sibling.

You get away with more

Every youngest sibling knows that they get away with more than their eldest siblings can imagine. Parents tend to be less strict by the time they have their last child having had parenting experience with the older children. Due to the leniency, youngest siblings are able to push the limits on rules in a way that their older ones couldn’t.

Scared of getting attacked

More often than not, younger means weaker so there is always that constant fear of being bullied or teased by an older sibling. Whether is is the fear being roughhoused  or talked back at, older siblings pose a threat.

Siblings | Photo – Family Ed Centre


Source: Guardian Newspaper