Coronavirus: Why managing stress is very critical preventive measure right now | The Guardian Nigeria News


Over the past few days, many have reached out to me on dealing with fear, anxiety and panic that the coronavirus pandemic brings. Everywhere you turn today you hear or read about COVID-19, a new type of coronavirus that is causing chaos, many illnesses, deaths and crashing financial markets globally.

This situation has become so frightening, and we must all take precautions, as prescribed by the WHO and other medical institutions. Part of the precautions we need to take is MANAGING STRESS as a result of fear, anxiety, worry and panic, which is by far more dangerous in the long run for everyone than the coronavirus.

Please note that the current statistics reveal that only two per cent of the population that gets the virus may eventually fall seriously ill or die. This number in itself is very far from the number of people that generally fall ill and die every day for other non-coronavirus related reasons.

I’m not trying to downplay the pandemic but if we entertain panic, fear and…

Source: Guardian Newspaper