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Jide Awe is the Chief Executive Officer, Jidaw Systems. He was the Chairman, Conferences and Publicity/Events, Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), the umbrella body for all computer practitioners in the country. In this interview with ADEYEMI ADEPETUN, Awe speaks on fears that technology might reduce jobs due to the disruption and automation caused by coronavirus pandemic. Excerpts:

How significant is the role of ICT (technology) to the economy globally? 
The use of ICT and digital technologies keeps the world connected. It is central to the development and the functioning of society. Communications, education, commerce and many vital humans and economic activities are today dependent on ICT. 
It is widely and globally acknowledged that ICT has fundamentally changed practices and structures in social, commercial and educational spheres – the way we live, learn, interact and do business. Globally, the appropriate development and deployment of ICT enable significant cost savings…

Source: Guardian Newspaper