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Cameroon’s army on Friday confirmed anglophone journalist Samuel Wazizi died in detention last year, accusing him of associating with terrorists but denying allegations he had been tortured.

The army said Wazizi died “as a result of severe sepsis” on August 17, 2019 15 days after his arrest, according to press watchdog RSF.

The military’s statement came after Cameroon’s journalist union reported that Wazizi died and said the army had tortured him.

The 35-year-old had worked for the local CMTV channel in one of two regions where anglophone separatists have launched an armed campaign for independence from French-speaking Cameroon.

He was arrested in the city of Buea on August 2 and “accused of speaking critically on the air about the authorities and their handling of the crisis,” according to Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

The army said that while “claiming to be a presenter on a television station,” Wazizi was “in fact a logistician for various terrorist…

Source: Guardian Newspaper