Fight off cold with home space heater | The Guardian Nigeria News


What makes a real home is not necessarily the structure, facility or the aesthetic interior and décor put together in a space. It’s more about the feeling of safety and comfort bestowed on you through the ambience of these beautiful devices, equipment and accessories.

Now, the rainy season is here and it usually comes with diseases such as dengue, cold, fluids, leptospirosis, cholera, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, influenza, viruses and all sorts of infections kicks-in if proper warm-up measure is not put in place especially at home.

So, to ensure the safety of everyone in your home, you may need to add one more device, space heater, that’s if you don’t already have one. Space heaters are portable and mobile devices used to warm up specific section in your space without turning up the thermostat to all the rooms in your home. Powered by electricity or burnable fuel such as natural gas, propane, fuel oil, or wood pellets, it can be placed anywhere in the house that flammable…

Source: Guardian Newspaper