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The Federal Government may have up till 2021 to stop the importation of dirty fuel into the country. The indication came on the heels of a recent report by international resource watchdog, Stakeholders Democracy Network (SDN), which claimed that samples of petrol from illegal refineries in the Niger Delta were of a higher quality than imported equivalents. It said fuel exported from Europe exceeded EU pollution limits by as much as 204 times.

But Nigerian authorities insisted that imported products conform to national standards and parameters set by regulators. This is against the fact that the country has been struggling to compel importers and refiners of petroleum products in the country to reduce sulphur in the products, especially in diesel, from over 10,000ppm to 50ppm.

African Refiners and Distributors Association (ARA), an organisation for the continent’s downstream oil sector, however, told The Guardian, yesterday,…

Source: Guardian Newspaper