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5 Surprising Addictions To Everyday Activities

Often, when addiction is mentioned, the mind automatically goes to gambling, betting, and drugs. However, people get addicted to different things and it could be a habit, behaviour, or even some products.

Below are some products and behaviours that are surprisingly addictive according to The Health:

Exercise addiction usually means that your day is not complete unless you’ve gotten in a run, hit the gym, or hopped on a bike. Exercise addicts tend to feel that exercise is the most important thing in their life. They also use exercise as a coping strategy to control emotions. You are an exercise fanatic if you have to check in with yourself continually to see if there is a need to increase exercising in order to feel satisfied. Also,  it could be an addiction if you experience irritability or depression when you suddenly reduce the exercise you’re getting.

If you are perpetually in need of retail therapy, it might…

Source: Guardian Newspaper