“The system has failed us”


Adetoke Ogunranti, a multimedia journalist, started her small logistics company in March with four motorcycles. She aimed to have another source of income. Three months later, Ogunranti was forced to sell off two of the four bikes.

“Police, local government officials and NIPOST are taxing out of business,” Ogunranti said on Friday evening. “There was a month I paid ₦23,000 to extortionist policemen.”

Ogunranti is one of many logistics company owners who are being forced out of business by harsh policies and illegal taxes.

“This extortion from Local Government and constant harassment from thugs or touts are way too much,” Mercy Makinde, the chief executive officer of Amazon Delivery, which started operations in May 2020 said.

“Every local government has its own papers. Ikorodu alone has three papers. Yet all you really need to operate a dispatch company in Lagos is a letter of clearance from the Ministry of Transport after your Nigerian Postal Services license, ”…

Source: Guardian Newspaper