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Nigerian people | Image: Pinterest

It’s no news that we currently face a language problem. Nigerian languages seem to be fading into the sunset with each generation. We are quick to blame this on parents not speaking their local dialect to their children. No one can really fault the children, but what about the people who can actually speak their Nigerian dialect but at some point in their lives decided to stop?

English as we know it a vital means of communication here in Nigeria but so are our Nigerian languages.

Here are some reasons for this language decline in Nigeria:

People Think It Makes Them More Civilized
Nigerians have come to idolize the entire idea of looking elite and classy and it appears that in Nigeria, speaking only English language a criterium for achieving that. You can easily find a Nigerian who is proud to say they are fluent in English and French than to say they are fluent in English and a Nigerian language. Also, it is not difficult to find people who…

Source: Guardian Newspaper