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Orondaam Otto

A National Youth Service Corps member, Orondaam Otto, had applied to over 150 organisations soliciting donations to kick-start his vision. Not one organisation thought his idea was good enough to embark on.

25-year-old Otto, attached to Lagos state for the mandatory 1-year service to the nation, was passing through Third Mainland Bridge and saw something- a community living on a groundless slum- that caught his eye. The impression of this community changed his perspective and the course of his life forever. That community, Makoko, is described as the “Venice of Africa” due to its groundless, water-based foundation. And is a provocative sight on the promising life that Lagos presents, leaving a first-time visitor to the state shocked.

While Lagos state prides itself as Nigeria’s most developed state, it is home to Makoko, Ajegunle, Oshodi where the pick-pocketers are notorious and overall, the impoverished is a time bomb. It is in this state that Otto first…

Source: Guardian Newspaper