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It cannot be for nothing that every man longs for a day he will be driven out of his mind and swept off his feet to land in the warm embrace of a woman. Similarly, a lady looks forward to meeting a man of her dreams by whose side she desires to live a fulfilling rest of her life— a desire for the proverbial Mr. Right. The question that then arises is: What lies behind it—behind man and woman irresistibly longing to unite in marriage? As I sought to explain last week, man and woman, like hydrogen and oxygen, are split species, each party seeking complementarity. Science teaches us that two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen unite to give us water in the same way that sodium and chlorine, both splitting of a species, unite to form sodium chloride, the common table salt.

For batteries in our cars to work, we have positive and negative charges. What science has validated is a union of elements to give fuller value of existence. Since the same law pervades and governs the…

Source: Guardian Newspaper