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[FILES] E-waste. Photo: DUTABLE

Electronic waste (e-waste) is considered one of the rapidly growing problems in today’s world, due to its high rate of generation and its hazardous composition.

E-waste contains harmful substances with the potential to cause adverse human health and environmental impact if it is improperly managed. Also significant is its high rate of generation associated with advancement in technology, availability, and widespread use of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE).

According to the 2020 Global e-waste monitor launched in July, 53.6 million metric tons (Mt) of e-waste was generated globally in 2019. This is a growth rate of approximately 20% over the 44.7Mt generated in 2016 and an approximately 28% growth rate of the 41.8Mt generated in 2014.

The volume of space that this waste stream occupies pales into insignificance when compared with the fact that only 17.4% of the 53.16Mt generated was officially documented as properly collected and…

Source: Guardian Newspaper