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Whether by design or natural occurrence, whatever may be the merit or lack thereof in our responses as countries or even individuals, there is little doubt that the coronavirus has forced a collective pause in our lives. And in the process, like a dry stream bed, it has laid bare in stark and very painful relief, the connective tissues of our lives and the baked-in inequities, in a manner like no single global event in recent memory.

From the Malam in Kano Nigeria to the Wall Street trader in New York City, from the African immigrant student in Hubei Province, China to the anti lockdown protester in Sacramento, California, though our resource base may differ markedly, we are held down by the same interlocking web of forces unleashed by the coronavirus. 

But as we battle to deal with the realities of the moment and steer thoughts towards a resumption of our lives, I do wonder if we are not collectively missing an opportunity. I wonder, should we not also be contemplating a…

Source: Guardian Newspaper