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Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki PHOTO: Twitter

Nigerians desire genuine democracy. That was the major point to take away from Saturday’s Edo State gubernatorial poll. It was not all about the outcome, but about the fidelity of the process as well. After all said and done, the much-hyped election, particularly the media celebration of fear of possible blood letting, the exercise presented an anti-climax.

Heavens did not fall. Edo State voters lined up peacefully and comported themselves with decorum, as they waited patiently to exercise their franchise. The situation in the state as the polls opened by 8.00am was generally calm and nothing near the apprehension, hot rhetoric and tension that pervaded the electioneering process.

Although the election proceeded calmly, the process was sluggish due to a combination of factors, particularly malfunctioning of smart card readers and interference of political agents that acted as inducement contractors.

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Source: Guardian Newspaper