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Thank God, it is Thursday, October 1, 2020. Thank God we can sing a redemption song that Nigeria is 60 today. The Queen herself whose cabal set us free 60 years ago has congratulated us. We can proclaim it on the mountain that: it is well with our dear country. And I am free to write according to the proportion of my knowledge.

Besides, we can tell our leaders they haven’t done well and they can’t arrest and detain us a day longer than necessary without consequences. It’s thanksgiving time that our democracy is though wobbly, it is growing slowly but steadily. I have a dream that one day when we are through with the 60 years of locusts, we shall take our position as the authentic leader of the black race as the iconic Nelson Mandela had envisaged. Madiba had told us before he flew away: ‘The world will not respect Africa until Nigeria earns that respect. The black people of the world need Nigeria to be great as a source of pride and confidence…’

This is not a time…

Source: Guardian Newspaper