Hoodlums comb Ogun communities in search of COVID-19 palliatives | The Guardian Nigeria News


Some hoodlums, mostly youths, on Saturday besieged Magboro Communities in Ogun in search of warehouses that might be storing COVID-19 palliatives.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the youths had trooped to Magboro communities on the Lagos/Ibadan expressway as early as 7a.m., moving from house-to-house in search of COVID-19 palliatives.

NAN reports that there has been unrestricted looting of warehouses that housed the relief items across the country in the past days by rampaging youths.

One of the youths, who simply identified himself as Wasiu, said the group got a hint that the palliatives were stored in the area, hence they were there to take them away.

The youths, who had unrestrained access, forced their way into every house looking for COVID-19 palliatives that might have been stored in homes.

The terrified residents had hectic time in convincing the hoodlums that there were no COVID-19 palliatives in their houses.

The youths also threatened to break down fences…

Source: Guardian Newspaper