The Cathedral Choir | The Guardian Nigeria News


Cathedral choirs in recent times have demonstrated seriousness and commitment to God through singing. They reflect, represent and reposition the singing culture of the church at the diocesan headquarters. From indication members are drawn from various singing groups within the cathedral, selections are equally made to ascertain the singing range and voice parts of intending members which include soprano (Treble) alto (contralto), tenor (baritone) and bass to arrive at a formidable foundation. As a standard choir, attention is never denied especially when necessary; they meet within the days of the week for rehearsals in preparation for Sunday service, mid-week service and cathedral fellowship.

Negligence to attend rehearsals arising from any chorister will jeopardise the chances given for participation in the weekly services. The yardstick for Sunday renditions is really determined by the regular attendance to choir rehearsals. In essence cathedral choirs being the church…

Source: Guardian Newspaper