Survivors of Nigeria’s Lagos shooting tell their story | The Guardian Nigeria News


Solomon, Patrick and Samuel were wounded on October 20 during a crackdown by Nigerian security forces on protesters in Lagos who had gathered despite a curfew order.

The three say they spent several days at the Lekki toll gate, the epicentre of demonstrations that erupted on October 8 over police violence and bad governance, as they themselves had been victims of police abuse in the past.

Now discharged from hospital, the three men — whose full names are being left anonymous for safety reasons — are desperate for their stories to be heard.

It was the Nigerian army who fired, all three said.

The government denies any responsibility and labeled reports that soldiers killed 12 people as “fake news”. The police on Friday said 22 officers had been killed in protest-linked unrest this month.

“How can they say it’s not true?,” asked Patrick.

“We saw them. Two guys died instantly in my presence, and one is still in the coma — my friend Nicholas,” said the…

Source: Guardian Newspaper