Bitter leaf, plantain-based syrup tops new remedies for diabetes | The Guardian Nigeria News


*Guava provides alternative therapy for diabetic-associated disorders of kidney
Scientists have advanced search for herbal cures for diabetes mellitus with the discovery of a blood sugar reducing syrup made predominantly with bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina) and plantain (Musa paradiasica) as well as validating guava (Psidium guajava) leaves as better alternative therapy in ameliorating diabetic-associated disorders of the kidney.

Previous studies had identified bitter melon; Aloe vera; bitter kola; bitter leaf; clove oil; coconut oil; garlic; ginger; black pepper (utazi in Ibo); guava leaves; velvet beans; bush mango; onion; okra; plantain; scent leaf; soursop; soybeans; tea leaves; and turmeric for the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Researchers in Uganda have formulated aspartame- sweetened syrup from the most active combinations of bitter leaf and plantain. The syrup is pale brown, sweet, homogeneous, with a vanillin flavour and pH 4.27.

The study titled “Efficacy of a syrup…

Source: Guardian Newspaper