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AugustSecrets was born out of necessity when Oluwatoyin Onigbanjo had her child, Jaden, outside her country, Nigeria. Upon returning, she bought all available infant meals only for her baby to keep rejecting them. It was a frustrating experience for a first-time mother.

Since she couldn’t watch him starve to death, she began the journey into looking into alternatives, it was in the process of searching she found solace in African and Nigerian foodstuffs.

With the enthusiasm of a mother, she tried locally made, fresh homemade food for her son, and to her delight, he took them and grew healthier. She started sharing her recipes with other mothers and proceeded to launch AugustSecrets in 2016.

A recipe developer, child food blogger and founder of AugustSecrets Nigeria, she started the company to share her discovery with the aim of helping Nigerian mothers, home and abroad, feed their children healthier food options.

Trained as a journalist, her entrepreneurial journey has been one…

Source: Guardian Newspaper