Backlash at Google over Black researcher’s firing | The Guardian Nigeria News


More than 1,400 Google employees on Friday demanded that the tech giant explain why it dismissed a Black artificial intelligence ethics researcher.

Timnit Gebru tweeted early in the week that Google told her a resignation she had not proffered was accepted, after she sent a message to an internal group lamenting the “silencing of marginalized voices.”

She had also told the “Brain Women and Allies” group in the email that she had been ordered to retract a research paper.

Gebru is an outspoken diversity advocate and co-founder of a group devoted to increasing Black talent in artificial intelligence.

Until Tuesday, she was a staff researcher and co-lead of an ethical AI team at Google.

Gebru tweeted what she said was the dismissal message from Google, which noted that “aspects of the email you sent last night to non-management employees in the brain group reflect behavior that is inconsistent with the expectations of a Google manager.”

The research paper Gebru was told to…

Source: Guardian Newspaper