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Facial razor. Photo Sephora

Removing facial hair can be very inconvenient and uncomfortable. This is because sometimes these facial hairs grow as fast as they are cut off, and unfortunately, many people struggle with it. Compared to other body hair, facial hair is often less coarse and lighter coloured.

Removing the hair from your lip, brows or chin is a delicate process, and because your face is more visible than the rest of your body, care has to be taken to choosing a facial hair removal method.

You would need to know everything from how to properly shave to the best epilators for your face. This is why this guide is for you, here are 6 great ways to remove facial hair the right way:

Tweezing is a more common and very popular routine for ridding your face of facial hair. It is best for small areas like stray chin hairs), wiry hairs, and also precision tasks like shaping brows.

Tweezing is a great way to remove facial hair for smaller, localized areas like brows and…

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