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Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Dani Balogun left the shores of the country at age 4, yet by that time, he had inculcated the resilient spirit that Nigerians are known for. With a love for his country, it is clear that everyone needs a Dani in their lives.

While some might describe him as lucky, what they do not know is that Dani took his chances at the right time and is on a journey to making Nigeria succeed as much as Nigerians in the diaspora. He speaks to The Guardian Life on his explored chances, lessons of a lifetime and inspiring hope.

You moved from Lagos to the Netherlands. To what extent did your background influence who you are today?
As a Nigerian, we have hustle pumping through our veins. You can see that all over Nigeria. Often, we are so creative, persistent and courageous that we are not afraid to follow our dreams.
Also, with being privileged by growing up in the West what taught me a lot of things, it gave me a huge benefit to use my experiences, knowledge and expertise…

Source: Guardian Newspaper