60-Year-Old Grandma Beats Younger Contestants To Win Beauty Pageant Title | The Guardian Nigeria News


Karen Russell | Image: prayerworksamen2/CATERS NEWS

A grandmother from Kentucky, USA is proof that age is just a number after winning her first pageant at the age of 60.

Karen Russell, who is now 61, has so far taken home five first-place crowns after waltzing down the pageant runway alongside much younger women.

Karen, who is a retired quality co-ordinator, said: ‘There’s nothing better than on a gown and makeup then walking down the runway.

“I wear false eyelashes and do my own makeup ahead of a pageant. Sometimes, I even wear seven-inch heels on stage which is not bad for a 61-year-old.

“I have competed against drop-dead gorgeous women in their forties and still won. I just step on stage and be myself. A judge once said I talk too much and my hair is too big – but I still won.”

Karen says that many of her younger counterparts look up to her, “as [she is] proving age is just a number.”


Karen [right] competes against women much younger | Image:…

Source: Guardian Newspaper