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5 Parts Of Your Body You Should Clean Better

We have our bath daily, however, there are some parts of the body that we often neglect and ignore. The specks of dirt in this area can cause bacteria build-up, which can also lead to foul smell.

Below are some body parts you might not be taking adequate care of:

Behind your ears
If you do not wash your hair on a particular day you are also not cleaning the area behind your ears. This part of your body can collect bacteria and dirt. Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous gland present in this area to the skin moist but this secretion can cause a smell. Use a cotton swab to clean the area behind your ears even when you are not washing your hair.

Your belly button
The belly button or the navel is probably the most ignored part of the body. If it is not cleaned regularly, it will not only lead to a buildup of dirt but also bacteria. The dark, moist environment of the belly button is ideal for the breeding of bacteria. The breeding of bacteria…

Source: Guardian Newspaper