New webinar to present insights on Dominica’s Citizenship by investment redefining wealth, safety, and travel for Nigerians


Worries about wealth conservation and border closures in times of political unrest have set the trend for high-net-worth Nigerians to attain a second passport. With a second passport at hand, Nigerians can dramatically increase their personal and economic freedom. Industry trends show that having dual citizenship – or even multiple citizenships – is an essential step to internationalising life.

A new webinar called “Dominica Citizenship by Investment: Redefining Wealth, Safety, and Travel for Nigerians” by the Guardian and CS Global Partners presents the perspective of ‘citizenship insurance’ offered by the Commonwealth of Dominica.
Dominica’s Prime Minister, Dr the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, leads a nation that is future-oriented and sustainable. Join us as he discusses why Dominica is an outstanding destination for Nigerians looking for personal growth, safety and greater travel opportunities.

Ambassador Emmanuel Nanthan is the Head of the Dominica Citizenship by…

Source: Guardian Newspaper