Killing education softly | The Guardian Nigeria News


Education. Photo: GOOGLE

Strikingly often, government and its officials continue to assure Nigerians that education is the soul of a nation and the key to its secured future. Therefore, they are doing everything humanly possible within their powers to make education available and affordable for Nigerians. But, it is quite disappointing that government’s best efforts could only make education standard to nose dive annually. Hence, it is quite difficult to be optimistic about education future in Nigeria because of the federal government continued lip-service and unwillingness to give the sector adequate support. The need for improved education system in Nigeria cannot be over-emphasised.

A lot has been said and written about this important sector. As a matter of fact, virtually all issues bordering on education in Nigeria takes its root from the objectionable poor funding by the government. The state of education in the country is obviously appalling and there has been too much…

Source: Guardian Newspaper