Notice of constitutional grievances, declaration of constitutional force majeure and demand for transitioning process for an orderly reconfiguration of the constitutional basis of the Federation of Nigeria | The Guardian Nigeria News


(Being the Joint Proclamation of a Sovereignty Dispute by Accredited Delegates of Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities of the Southern and Middle Belt Territories of Nigeria, Issued This 16th Day of December 2020 in Lagos).

This Proclamation is Titled:CORRECTING THE MISTAKE OF 1914


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press 

(1) As the Distressed Federation of Nigeria wobbles in what seems it’s Terminal Throes; As Young Nigerians Rise up Massively in Revolt against System that Ruin their Present and Compromise their Future and as Bloody Conflicts rage in all parts of Nigeria in disputation of the Terms of the Distressed Nigerian Union; and As Concerns mount in the International Community, first, regarding the shaky Future of the Troubled Nigerian Federation, and second, the impact of a possible disorderly Dissolution of Nigeria over the West African Sub-Region, the rest of Africa and indeed the World.

We gather here this day as Accredited Delegates of the Constituent…

Source: Guardian Newspaper