From DJ To Goldberg Ambassador… Kaywise’s Story Of Culture, Excellence | The Guardian Nigeria News


Born Ayorinde Kehinde Okiki, DJ Kaywise holds a special place in the hearts of music artistes in Nigeria for his contribution to the promotion of fresh sounds, which have often morphed into smash hits.

Whether as a disc jockey or video jockey, DJ Kaywise has an incredible ear for good music. This, combined with his knack for flipping the beats and shuffling the tracks, has made him one of the most sought after contemporary DJs in urban music.

DJ Kaywise’s music portfolio has made him a trendsetter in music culture. Afrobeats is what it is today because of the creativity that the likes of DJ Kaywise have poured into making the said music genre one of the most marketable and export-ready music in the world.

Just recently, he was unveiled as the Goldberg Brand Ambassador, a rare feat amongst the men of the “wheels of steel.”

In the music history, disc jockeys are categorised as “behind-the-scenes” professionals who make the frontmen popular. But the hip-hop game of the 90s…

Source: Guardian Newspaper