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8 Expert Tips For Hydrating Dry Skin

With the Harmattan season somehow finding its way into February, people with dry skin must be finding it hard. Also known as Xeroderma, dry skin is a common skin type caused by the absence of enough water (moisture) in the skin’s upper layer (epidermis).

Dry skin can be genetic and also caused by environmental factors as well as lack of proper hydration. Dry skin can also be caused by using moisture stripping soaps on the skin, leading to skin dryness and wrinkles.

The Harmattan season makes it a lot harder for anyone with dry skin as it also works to strip the skin of moisture. However, do not be dismayed, as you can still fix this to get the moisturised and hydrating skin you have always wanted. To help you with hydrating your dry skin, we have sourced 8 expert tips to help you tackle skin dryness:

Start By Identifying If You Are Dehydrated
One mistake people often make is confusing dry skin for dehydrated skin. To clarify this, you must…

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