2021 World Book Day: Catch them young | The Guardian Nigeria News


The passion for sustainable human capital development eventually pays off for individuals, communities and countries at large. But to succeed at it, the talents of the pupils/students who are the beneficiaries have to be identified early enough, right from the foundation level at the primary school stage. Honing their talents and providing them with the enabling environment to excel is an imperative.

This of course, is buoyed by stable infrastructure, well-equipped libraries and laboratories. And more so, a crop of highly dedicated and well informed teachers, acting as catalysts for impacting all-round knowledge. That is one that goes far beyond the ambits of the school curriculum.

The truth however, as reflected in my motivational book, ‘How to be a Successful Student’ is that sound, solid and impactful education delivery is an all-encompassing feature that involves the inputs of parents, teachers, school administrators, the private sector, non-governmental organizations…

Source: Guardian Newspaper

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