Uyghur activists seek international community support to build pressure on China | The Guardian Nigeria News


Global pop icons and celebrities are increasingly voicing support for human right violations, pro-democracy protests in Honk Kong, farmer rights movement in India among many others.

This has inspired activists and organizations to push global figures and artists to lend their voice for supporting human right violations in China, most especially to condemn the Uyghur Muslim detention camps that have come under fire for ethnic cleansing and violation of religious freedoms.

The call for global pop stars to speak up against burning social issues has gained popularity as internationally acclaimed singer Rihanna recently spoke about the farmer’s agitation in India, that led to many other global icons following suit. Rushan Abbas, an Uyghur activist seeks to channelize this momentum towards religious persecution of Muslims living in Xinjiang province of China.

International celebrities who vocalize humanitarian issues has always led to a full-blown mainstream media coverage calling for…

Source: Guardian Newspaper