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Angel Obasi | Image: Instagram/styleconnaisseur

If the phrase “dress to kill” were a dress, then it would be the high slit dress – nothing speaks elegance and sexy at the same time.


Slits are all about hinting at what lies beneath without being overly “look at me, look at me.” According to InStyle, it’s like skin exposure without exposing the parts that really matter. A fashion risk without the risk. They are the perfect choice to flaunt your well-toned legs and make heads turn.

Whether you are trying out high slits for the first time or not sure how to style them, here are a few guidelines:

Make sure the dress fits you perfectly and is taped down well. The dress should be tailored to your body, so when you move in different ways, it won’t create ripples, letting people see through at different angles

You don’t actually have…

Source: Guardian Newspaper