Doctor’s strike: Non-agreement agreement | The Guardian Nigeria News


The National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) had gone into a long conversation better known as negotiation with the Federal Government of Nigeria on Wednesday last week. The meeting ended at about 12 midnight and an agreement was hammered out and signed by both parties signifying their decision to end hostilities. Then a few hours later the agreement collapsed in universal ridicule before it had a chance, any chance, even a slim chance, of being implemented.

The doctors reneged on the agreement by starting an indefinite strike action the day following the agreement signing ceremony. I was not there at the agreement signing ceremony and the media have not told me whether the atmosphere was that of euphoria or conviviality or champagne popping or backslapping. In the absence of such a report, we are only left to do some second-guessing because most people had thought that the agreement signing represented a new horizon of hope for a stable health delivery environment. Now,…

Source: Guardian Newspaper