The Voice Nigeria: Celebrating Nigeria’s young musical talents | The Guardian Nigeria News


Nigeria is a country booming with youthful energy, skill and talent, its youth are its greatest resource. In recent times, it has become clear that the brilliance of Nigerian youths remains unmatched. More youths in Nigeria are relying on their talent and passion and are no longer seeking conventional careers as a means to an end.

Instead, they’re forging their own path and one of the industries benefiting from this is the music industry. There are thousands of Nigerian youths that are winking in the dark and talent shows like The Voice Nigeria is creating opportunities to give these talents a big stage and also providing mentorship/coaching.

The Voice Nigeria has identified the pain points of young talented artists. An avenue of expression is being created weekly, youths are given an outlet to showcase themselves and even if they’re not lucky enough to scale through to the next phase, they gain visibility. The platform is creating an ecosystem of care and social…

Source: Guardian Newspaper