Fulfilling Christ’s mission – Part 1 | The Guardian Nigeria News



This Easter season, it has become imperative to re-examine the purpose of Christ’s mission and ministry. In His own words, Jesus explained that the goal was “to seek and to save that which was lost”. He died on the Cross, sacrificed His life to save mankind from their sins. This mission was purposeful, predicted and prophesied, even before the fall of man. After the Fall, the proclamation was made that He would come and redeem humanity. He kept the mission and the purpose of ministry in mind in all His activities on earth.

Like Christ, Christians must keep the purpose of the ministry and the mission in mind. If we lose the purpose of the mission, then our evangelism becomes meaningless. If we miss or misunderstand His purpose, goal and mission, following His method without upholding His message will mean nothing; practising His pattern without pursuing His purpose will not achieve anything. Walking in the footsteps of Christ without following the commandments and the…

Source: Guardian Newspaper