SMEs must leverage email marketing, Ekundayo | The Guardian Nigeria News



Ayeni Ekundayo is the Chief Innovation Officer of CareerXpress, whose mission is to collaborate with clients, help them increase their market share, by outsourcing digitally trained and skilled professionals to get the work done.

Through her team, companies have hired the best of employees resulting in the explicit and calculative motive of placing African youth in line for relevant job qualifications. In this interview, he speaks on the need for SMEs to embrace email marketing to boost sales.

Is email marketing relevant in this era of social media platforms?
Electronic mails still ranks as the largest and the most engaging channel for digital sales across the globe. I can say for certain, there are barely products on the go without email marketing playing a part.

I have realised that email marketing is the point of advantage for a lot of businesses. With emails, communication is codedly personal. For me, it is the fastest way of creating prompt engagement.

With foresight…

Source: Guardian Newspaper