Kimberly Adejumo Amuda: ‘The problem with young women today is that they like easy things’ | The Guardian Nigeria News


Kimberly Adejumo Amuda

Kimberly Adejumo Amuda is the head of Kimberly’s Groups of Company, with special interest in short lets, real estate, home management, interior decorations, luxury smart home housewares sales, general constructions and others. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Government and Public Administration from the Imo State University, and later bagged a Diploma in Terrorism Studies from the University of Lagos. Prior to this, she furthered her education for a year in Basic Law at Henley College Coventry, UK, with another Diploma in Criminology and Law from University of Derby. In this interview with NGOZI EGENUKA, the CEO and Co-Founder of GB and Godyva Events, who is also a Board member, The Sustainable Energy Group, Houston, and Assistant to Regional Director, BenTv, spoke about being an entrepreneur, her journey into property business, and plans to provide sanitary towels to girls aged between nine and 15 among other issues.

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Source: Guardian Newspaper