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Six Reasons To Keep Your Relationship Off Social Media

Keeping your relationship private doesn’t mean that you never talk about it or share what’s going on in your love life. Neither does it mean being secretive about your relationship status.

Keeping your relationship off social media means prioritising the intimacy of your relationship, your peace of mind and that of your partner above the prying eyes and validations of strangers.

Social media is rapidly changing the way we interact and see the world, at the same time, it opens one up to multiple ills. Should you decide to share your relations on social media, you may want to first ask yourself why you want to share it.

Below are some reasons why you might want to keep your relationship off social media:
Criticism and unnecessary opinions
Sharing details of your relationship is like climbing an audition stage to present a portion of your life for review. By posting your relationship on social media, you open up yourself and…

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